Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Here we go!

The purpose of this blog is to use the knowledge I have gained of computers and other electronics, from working in IT the past few years, to help people make more educated decisions about purchasing or using new electronic equipment. We're living in an electronic age. Where new graphics cards, processors and other such electronic devices are being improved and refined at a very fast rate. It is sometimes hard to know what things are best to buy, especially if you do not always understand the difference in technicality behind the different products. Some questions are slightly easier, do you go with ati or Nvidia ... Intel or AMD? These usually come down to peoples personal preference, if they have used ati for most of their time using computers then they will most likely stick to using ati. But there can be huge differences in performance between like-like cards between these companies.
My aim is to post relevant, and correct information which will (hopefully) help you make the right decision about your purchases!


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